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concert: Sara Groves Concert

By Anthony Garone

We brought Sara Groves to Mesa, AZ for a show at Stilwell Pianos.

Sara Groves is an out-of-the-box thinker in the contemporary Christian music genre. She’s deep and insightful. Check out our interview with Sara to find out!

We brought Sara to Stilwell Pianos in Mesa, AZ on January 19, 2019 for a special small show. The footage on this page is from that evening. We are honored and proud to release it!

The songs in this video are deeply moving and beautifully performed. While they’re not particularly “weird” and Sara is an outlier on the site, there is still very, very much to enjoy. I’d like to encourage viewers to keep an open mind.


  • Aaron Fabbrini on bass and pedal steel
  • Zach Miller on drums and backup vocals
  • Russ Muller on live tracking and sound
  • Nathan Clelland and Michael Stilwell provided the venue and setup

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