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concert: Michael Manring Concert

By Anthony Garone

Our first house concert featuring the incredible Mr. Manring (and Andy West!)

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I’m so excited about this, I don’t even know what to say! I’ll let this trailer speak for itself. In case you couldn’t tell, this concert is available for purchase via YouTube for $20. Michael gets a large share of the revenue and MWM keeps a little so we can keep making this kind of content.

Purchase this concert on YouTube.  A majority of the revenue goes to Michael. :)

Lots of free footage below! Read on!


Thanks so much to Ken Coffman from Stairway Press  for sponsoring this concert!

And thanks so much to Michael Nitro  for his lighting crew and equipment. He’s a huge reason the concert looks so great.

And thanks so much to Andy West for lending us all his gear so we could do this concert. And for helping to move furniture out of my living and dining rooms (along with another good friend, Cory Berg ).

And thanks so much to the 35-40 people who attended and made this such a special event, and then donated to MWM. So many wonderful people supporting the arts and fantastic and creative music.


Michael and I thought it would be cool to take a chunk of the concert and offer it for free, so here’s about 18 minutes of free footage that will hopefully entice you to purchase a copy of the rest of the concert.

Apart from the opening improv piece, Michael’s cover of You Send Me  in this video is my favorite part of the concert. And his performance of the Dixie Dregs What If with the Dregs’ own Andy West is a real treat!

Some Context

Back in the early 2000s, my friend Bob Mendelsohn  posted some videos of Michael playing at NAMM and I just fell in love with Michael’s playing. I signed up for his mailing list and waited anxiously for him to come to Phoenix, AZ to perform. In 16 years, he never did! So, when I interviewed him, I asked him if he’d ever be up for a house concert. He said he would and I resolved to find a way to fly him out and perform at my house.

So on Saturday, April 23, 2016, I had around 40 friends come over for a private event where we all sat in awe watching Michael work his magic up close and personal. And he hung out for a while afterward signing stuff for people and taking pictures. It was a real dream come true. That and my wife  catered the whole thing, which made it delicious for the ears as well as the tummy.

Hosting this house concert was a dream come true and Ken Coffman made it all possible financially. I am deeply indebted to him.

I hope you really enjoy this concert because I have another concert planned in November with another special guest!

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