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discover: Dale Turner

By Anthony Garone

World's most talented goofball and world's goofiest most talentball.

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Who is Dale Turner?

Dale is one of the most talented, funny, extraordinary people in the Los Angeles area. He plays every instrument in western music. Overall A++ guy.

Check out our interview with Dale!

What does Dale do?

Dale Turner is a guitar teacher at Musician’s Institute, transcriptionist and journalist at Guitar World magazine, and multi-instrumentalist based in Los Angeles, CA. He’s transcribed a zillion albums, was an editor for Guitar One magazine, and is as humble as he is talented. His 2010 album, Mannerisms Magnified, is a fantastic release in which he played every instrument, wrote all the lyrics, mixed, edited, produced, and engineered, etc. The songs are unique and fun. You can purchase Mannerisms Magnified from CarlKingdom.com.

Is Dale a Nice Guy?

Yes. Super nice.

How do you know?

I met Dale via Carl King in 2011 on Facebook and we met in person shortly after. We connected on several musical influences, like Chris Cornell, Steve Vai, and Carl’s musical personalities Sir Millard Mulch and Dr. Zoltan Øbelisk. Anyone who loves Chris Cornell’s Euphoria Morning album as much as I do is a friend of mine.

Okay, what about his music?

Mannerisms Magnified opens with an incredible perverse tribute to Brian Wilson, followed by some really cool Elliott Smith-inspired songs with complex chord changes and time signatures. There are hints of Mr. Bungle/Mike Patton throughout, as well as Iron Maiden. As Dale says in our interview, “You can’t escape the Maiden.”

Interpretations is an album full of Dale’s interpretations of various pop songs. Armed with his voice and an acoustic guitar, there’s tons to enjoy on here, from silly bird sounds in Blackbird to a solo operatic arrangement of Bohemian Rhapsody with plenty of falsetto vocals. There are so many priceless moments and many tender ones as well. Don’t miss his cover of The Beach Boys’ God Only Knows. Simply wonderful!!

I don’t think he’s released any other music, but I’m probably wrong about that. Anyway, there’s plenty to check out and enjoy.

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