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learn: Taurus Bulba E Mixolydian Riffage

By Anthony Garone

We run through one of our favorite and most artistic Steve Vai riffs.

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Why This Riff?

Steve Vai is one of the most innovative guitarists to ever live. This riff from his 1996 release Fire Garden  has always impressed me since I learned it over 20 years ago. It’s artistic, fun, and caters especially to the instrument. When you actually play this lick, you can really appreciate the intricacies and the craft that went into it.

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It’s always been one of my favorite go-to riffs that I play to warm up. It’s fun, difficult, and in the key of A (E mixolydian), so it’s hard to play a wrong note since the guitar is basically built for the keys of A and E.


Here is the instructional video for this piece.

Soundslice Notation

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