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share: Failure to Fracture Book Teaser

By Anthony Garone

Here's a teaser video for my upcoming book about learning Fracture.

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Teaser Video

What is Failure to Fracture?

Failure to Fracture is a video series I’ve put together about all the things that have stood in the way of my successfully playing the song Fracture by King Crimson despite years and years of study, practice, writing, and making videos.

Episode List

22 Years in the Making

The Failure to Fracture series is much, much more popular than I ever expected. When I started Make Weird Music, I thought, “If I ever get 250 subscribers, this will be a huge success.” Well, here we are 6 years later and there are over 8,000 YouTube subscribers and my Fracture videos have accumulated over 100,000 views. That is a long way above 250 people.

In late February, I started writing my thoughts on Fracture and then it turned into a book within a few weeks. I made a teaser video after I finished writing all the book content. I hope you enjoy it.

This book is YUGE. And it’s going to be so beautiful!

I’m also preparing to release “final” performance videos of Fracture and FraKctured alongside the book. Here are some of my latest practice runs.

Larks 3 Intro

Fracture at 129bpm (performance tempo)

FraKctured (playalong with recording)

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