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share: O Holy Night in 5/4 by Anthony Garone

By Anthony Garone

A darker twist on a beautiful Christmas classic.

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I love weird music and I love some Christmas music, but most of it is just garbage. Uninteresting, “happy,” bland music that’s too much about commercial interests. In my mind, the story of Christmas has been wayyy over-glossed and has almost nothing to do with a baby being born 2,000 years ago in the middle east in a barn in the desert. So, I like to rearrange Christmas songs to reflect my view of that.

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My wife is singing on this one and is the “star” of the show, but the instrumentation turned out so much better than I hoped when I wrote and released this arrangement in 2014.


  • Sarah Garone: Lead vocals
  • Rob Müller: Drums
  • Jon Lang: Piano (not in the video)
  • Nathan Richard: Synth
  • Anthony Garone: Else

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