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share: Harnch by Anthony Garone

By Anthony Garone

If Gentle Giant and Pat Metheny got sick and wrote a song together.

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What is a “Harnch”?

Harnch is the name of a guitar instrumental jazz fusion song by me, Anthony Garone, owner and proprietor of this very website. The performance being shared in this post is an acoustic guitar quartet arrangement I performed in Robert Fripp’s New Standard Tuning  [NST].

The song gets its name from the crazy section at the end with all the time signatures. It’s the only non-swear word I could think of while recording it that adequately expressed how difficult it was to perform and record.

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Music Video

Here’s a video with some “fun fact” overlays, including all the time signature changes. Playing this piece in NST offered a new challenge that was accommodated by the tempo decrease from the original performance.

Download the mp3!

(NOTE: hitting the “play” button requires a hefty download of the entire audio file!).

Or, download an mp3 .

Original Recording

The original song was performed a bit faster in standard tuning on electric guitars. I played all the instruments except for the piano, which was sequenced.

Sheet Music

If you’re interested in the sheet music for this song, I have it for guitar quintet in normal standard tuning (what Fripp calls “original standard tuning”) and for guitar quartet in Fripp’s “New Standard Tuning” (CGDAEg, low to high).

Watch out for the coda! Here’s some additional context on my old website .

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