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share: Mats/Morgan Live with Norrlandsoperan Symphony Orchestra

By Anthony Garone

Phenomenal live experimental rock concert with a full symphony orchestra.

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Mats/Morgan is an experimental jazz/rock duo from Umea, Sweden featuring Mats Oberg on keyboards and Morgan Agren on drums. Their latest release is a concert they filmed and performed in 2017 with the Norrlandsoperan Symphony Orchestra conducted by Tom Trapp  in Umea. The concert was a major achievement for the group as it’s something we’d talked to Morgan about in December 2016.

Buy “Live with the Norrlandsoperan Symphony Orchestra” on Morgan Agren’s onine store .

This new release comes with three discs: a DVD video of the performance, a CD containing the audio from the concert (same as the DVD), and Morgan’s previously-released Through the Eyes of the Morgchestra. It’s very well packaged and affordably priced considering all of the content.

And I have one thing to say about this collection: It is perfect. Seriously, the video is excellent, lots of fun to watch, well-edited, well-colored, and more. The audio is fantastic. There’s not a boring song to skip. It’s just wonderful, unique, complex, and musical. It is so musical. I love it.

Morgan released this album as part of a kickstarter to raise funds for his best friend Mats , who was born blind and is now having trouble with his hearing. The original goal of the crowdfunding was around $15,000 USD and the fans contributed more than $47,000 USD altogether! Incredible! This will make a big difference for Mats/Morgan and allow Mats to see one of the best doctors in the world for his hearing.

Altogether, if you’re a fan of this website, you have to buy this release. It’s emblematic of the kind of thing we hope to promote on the site: an adventurous, artistic, creative pursuit of music.

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