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share: Three Legged Dog

By Anthony Garone

A new song featuring Morgan Agren, Jan Zehrfeld, John Landy, and Anthony Garone.

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I hope you’re ready for a total shred-fest.

Music Video

Audio Download

Coming soon? Reach out if you’re interested in downloading the song.

Sheet Music


I wrote this song in 2013 as a fun counterpoint exercise in music notation. As with most of my music, it started in the piano roll in Logic Pro.

It started with a silly idea imagining Chet Atkins , Steve Howe , and John Petrucci  doing drugs and writing a song together. Do I really need to say more than that?

It took me several weeks to practice and learn the song. I send it to my friend John Landy, who literally recorded his bass part overnight. My mind was blown.

I wrote a crazy drum part for Sebastian Lanser  as a follow-up to our crazy Bach piece, but he didn’t have the time to work on it. I sent it around to a few other drummer friends and none of them were up for it. A couple of drummers told me it was too hard. I only mention this because I sent the song to Morgan Agren in 2017 hoping that he might be up for it. He agreed without issue and “squeezed it in” between some other recording he was doing.

This is a testament to the kind of musician he is. Some drummers said the song was too hard, Morgan fits it in some gaps during another project. Incredible. My mind was blown.

After I got Morgan’s drum parts, I thought it’d be cool to have Jan Zehrfeld record a guitar solo on the piece. He’s a big fan of Morgan’s and was happy to add to the song. I gave him total creative freedom over the solo section I wrote for him and he re-wrote it, giving it a Panzerballett feel that’s much better than what I wrote.

When I got Jan’s parts, my mind was blown.

When John heard Jan’s and Morgan’s parts, he re-thought and re-recorded his bass parts and they really elevate the song to a new level.

So, the lesson I learned is that there are some incredible musicians on this recording that really know what they’re doing and make me proud to release this song.

My friend Russell Muller agreed to mix and master the song, for which I’m very grateful because I have put more energy into this song than I want to admit. The idea of doing the audio aspects was just too much.

For the video, each musician kindly and wonderfully filmed their parts! Morgan’s adolescent son Alvin filmed the drum video. Nice work, Alvin!

And here we are. Four and a half years after I started writing the song and it’s finally finished. I’m so, so, so happy with it and with the video. I think it’s one of the best creative works I’ve had the pleasure of completing! Here’s to “slow and steady wins the race.”

Song Structure

For anyone keeping track, most of the song is in 6/4 with a few measures of 7/4 scattered about. Morgan does a lot of cool stuff with the rhythm and I had written some odd rhythmic stuff in the song as well. Aside from the shredding, the hardest part to learn was the middle of the song (before Jan’s solo) where the main guitar rhythm moves to a dotted eighth thing instead of steady quarter notes.

If you want to know more or are interested in the sheet music, let me know!

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