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share: Tiny Orchestral Moments Press Release

By Steve Ball

Get all the details on this year's edition of TOM going on this week in Seattle.

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Seattle Circle and the Wayward Music Series present:


An evening of collaboration and Structured Improvisation featuring:

The performers present collaborative repertoire for layered guitars, voices, violins, percussion and drums – including structured improvisation that sounds composed, and composed collaboration that sounds improvised. The show unfolds in 360-degrees as musicians move in and around the audience. Immersive surround-sound is complemented by three walls of ambient video, and supported by an orchestra of precise guitarists drawn from the Seattle community.

When and Where

Thursday August 17th from 8-10pm (doors 7:30pm) The Good Shepherd Chapel 4649 Sunnyside Ave N Seattle 98103 Tickets $15 at the door

Post-Performance Recording

Following this performance, the team will move into Bear Creek Studio for two days of lock-out recording with a series of invited guest-producers from the Seattle music community.

About Tiny Orchestral Moments

T.O.M. began in 2016 as a twelve-week series of performances initiated by the Seattle Guitar Circle that ran weekly from January 7th – March 24th at the Seattle Creative Arts Center in Ballard. Each week, the ensemble of ~12 (former) Crafty Guitarists presented a dynamic show based upon an intricate and evolving repertoire spanning Bach to Fripp to Ives, punctuated with pockets of Structured Improvisation with guitarists flowing, moving, Circulating and playing in and around the entire performance space.

In August 2016, a global TOM v1 team spent a full week working in Seattle, and presented a major show at the Chapel – then recorded five CDs of music and a documentary film at London Bridge studio – all releasing in Fall of 2017. This new show continues the previous Tiny Orchestral Moments format by inviting an expanded array of world-class players from around the globe to continue collaboration within an evolving repertoire of Structured Improvisation.

About Seattle Guitar Circle

Seattle Guitar Circle was founded in 1993 by Steve Ball (in collaboration with Bill Rieflin) after the first generation of the League of Crafty Guitarists disbanded near the end of a three-year world tour in 1992. Over 24+ years, the Seattle Guitar Circle community staffed spin-off projects like the Atomic Chamber Ensemble, the Steve Ball Roadshow, and the acclaimed seven-year weekly performance project: Tuning the Air. Tiny Orchestral Moments is a new, recurring performance workshop developed by Steve Ball and the evolving Seattle music community. T.O.M. is building on a multi-decade tradition of unique, large-ensemble composition techniques such as Circulation, Group Loops and Structured Improvisation.

About Seattle Circle

Seattle Circle is an active 501-C3 organization founded in 1999. SC mission is to develop and promote appreciation of music throughout the Puget Sound area by hosting public education, workshops and music events. Our mission is achieved by providing professional facilities, performances, presentations and instruction in an inclusive, educational atmosphere. We provide instruction on both an individual and group level, and we regularly share the results of our work with the public through recurring events, weekly rehearsals and frequent workshops complemented by concerts, presentations and performances.

Inquiries, Interviews, Press and Project Contact

Steve Ball (206) 660-0055 steveball@steveball.com http://www.steveball.com/TOM

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