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share: You Must Be This Tall

By Anthony Garone

Mike plays through one of my favorite of his songs.

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House Concert

Writing this, I’m still reeling from the high of the house concert we hosted last night with the incredible Mike Keneally and the also-incredible Andy West. It was an incredible amount of work and I’m totally, totally exhausted, but I was so excited I had to make a new video after Mike did this play-through of one of my favorite of his songs: You Must Be This Tall .

And here it is!


Here it is! Mike is playing his one-of-a-kind Black Devil semi-hollow SG copy. It’s absolutely gorgeous (I even got to play it last night). There are LEDs in the fret markers above the fretboard that change color based on the pickup configuration. Cool! See if you can spot ‘em.


Special thanks to Yvan Cluet, a young guitarist in France studying engineering in Lyon. He’s really interested in beautiful and weird music. He writes some of his own music and looks to MWM to expand his knowledge. Super cool! Thanks, Yvan!!

Special thanks to Jack Rosenkrantz for helping me so much this weekend.

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