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Thank You!

Extra special thanks to our sponsors:

Elevating Ideas

Will Mejia is one of the best designers in the Phoenix, Arizona area and the owner of Elevating Ideas . He designed the MWM brand/identity, color palette, social icons, etc. We work together at meltmedia , where he is the Director of Design. Apart from being incredibly talented, he is also a super-nice and generous guy who has done so much for this site. Thank you, Will!


Cory Berg is a software development expert, weightlifter, guitarist, and author based in Chandler, Arizona. He runs a fantastic technology blog called Software++  and wrote a book called Software++: Must-Have Skills for Software Engineers  that’s really great. Many people who visit Make Weird Music are in the software development industry, so there’s a good chance you’ll find the book and blog handy.

Mad Hatter Guitar Products

Ed Heisler is the owner and engineer behind Mad Hatter Guitar Products  based in Scottsdale, Arizona. has developed an innovative solderless guitar electronics kit that will make your guitar sound incredible. Most guitar manufacturers use cheap, crappy electronic components and the components Ed has put together for his kits are super-duper high quality. I’m not a tone nerd or anything, but I was stunned when I heard my 1997 Ibanez Jem after we put in the new components.

Do yourself a favor and purchase one of his Mad Hatter Solderless Tone Shaping System Kits .


meltmedia  is a creative digital design and software development agency in Tempe, AZ. They provide my livelihood and so, so much support for me and this site. It means so much to work with such talented, friendly people. I am so proud to be a meltmedian!

Other Sponsors

These are other individuals who have provided support to MWM either via money or content: